Silver & Sage Est. 2016

Made one at a time, by hand, with love. Our jewelry is made from fine silver and gold using the highest quality gemstones and time honored techniques. Inspired by my indigenous American roots, our jewelry is heavily influenced by the Mother Nature and her beauty. Silver & Sage creates one of a kind pieces that allow our clients to connect to their own beauty and power. Silver & Sage jewelry is proudly made by hand.

  • Crystal Talisman

    Collecting jewelry as talismans to protect, heal or commemorate is an ancient practice. Talisman jewelry are not simply an adornment, each piece acts as a spiritual guide to help you find your way through difficult times. Our talisman jewelry is worn to harness love, luck and self empowerment

    Every piece of Silver & Sage jewelry is created by hand, using traditional techniques and handmade Navajo stamps. Our stones are sourced from small businesses and family owned mines. Our jewelry supports other small makers and family owned businesses.

  • Who We Are

    We are Jacob and Shannon, the artisans behind Silver and Sage jewelry. Let us share our journey with you.

    During his time as a Sheriff's Deputy, my husband faced a life-altering event—an attack that left him with fractured vertebrae, prompting a change in our lives. It was during his recovery that he embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, teaching himself the art of silversmithing. His goal was to surprise me with a turquoise ring he crafted himself!

    Our journey began humbly but has evolved into a thriving and beautiful community. Rooted in my indigenous American heritage, our jewelry pays homage to the ethereal beauty of crystals, turquoise, and opals.

    We are deeply thankful for the support of our customers, whose encouragement and support have transformed our dreams into reality. When you wear our jewelry, you not only adorn yourself with beautiful gemstones but also carry a piece of our journey. Xo Shannon