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Silver & Sage

Heirloom Oval Link Chain Necklace - Made To Order

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Our heirloom oval link necklace features individually formed silver links 😍

Entirely hand made + hand fabricated from thick sterling silver! ✨ This necklaceis a true labor of love and each link was made by hand 

Made to Order please allow approx a couple of weeks to fabricate 💫

Necklace is approx 20' inches long with toggle clasp

Collecting jewelry as talismans to protect, heal or commemorate is an ancient practice. Talisman jewelry are not simply an adornment, each piece acts as a spiritual guide to help you find your way through difficult times. Our talisman jewelry is worn to harness love, luck and self empowerment

Crafted by hand ✋🏼in our home studio nestled in the woods