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Silver & Sage

Heirloom Evie Botanical Cuff with Dreamy Opal

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Our handcrafted heirloom botanical cuff with a dreamy rainbow filled opal 😍✨ Every part of this cuff was carefully made by hand. This cuff features handmade fine silver leaves, double chevron points perfectly hold the botanical centerpiece. Fit for a goddess!

One of a Kind + Ready to Ship 💫 

This cuff measures approx 6 inches with a 1 inch gap, slight adjustable if you need to open or close the gap to adjust the fit.

Collecting jewelry as talismans to protect, heal or commemorate is an ancient practice. Talisman jewelry are not simply an adornment, each piece acts as a spiritual guide to help you find your way through difficult times. Our talisman jewelry is worn to harness love, luck and self empowerment

Crafted by hand ✋🏼in our home studio nestled in the woods